//Straight Edge Brass Tile Trim 11mm


Material: Brass Height: 8mm | 10mm | 11mm | 12mm | Others
Surface Treatment: Polished | Plating | Others Thickness: 0.8mm | 1mm
Color: Gold | Black | Others Location: Foshan, China
Style: L shape Application: Bathroom, Kitchen and Home interor
MOQ: 500 pieces Model: KSB-01
Delievry Time: 25-30 days Payment: T/T, L/C


Why tile trims are becoming more and more popular?

According to the survey, many tiles that have been used for more than 5 years are suffering chipping in our house and buildings.

tile trim chipping
corner damage

Absolutely, this could be a serious thing! It will be irreversible and will cause more serious damage once the tile begins to break.

Repairing will take up a lot of money and time! Let’s calculate together!

What? Repairing 10 pieces tiles will cost me $1940!

Item Price Quantity Total Price
Tiles $40/piece 10 pieces $400
labor force $180/day 3 days $540
Clean $100/day 1 days $100
Your Time $300/day 3 days $900
Total $1940

Actrually, perhaps only $1940 can prevent all the tiles in your house from chipping.

Let’s show you the prefect solution. Not only can it prevent the tile from chipping, but also can it beauty your interior decor.

protect the wall corner

For wall corners

For external angle


For bathroom

For edge finished

For floor tile

For tile transition


Where The Tile Trim Could Be Applied For?

Answer: Those tile trims are suitable for Hotel, Office Building, Bathroom and Kitchen in particular.

Apply For Hotel


Apply for office building

Office Building

Apply for bathroom


Apply for kitchen



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