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12,000 pounds, 27,000 pounds, 36,000 pounds…The turnover of tile trim in this month is far exceeded John’s expectations. Finally, the total turnover is 92,000 pounds during those 2 months.

John smiled finally, just like a child,  and his white teeth are appeared. He hurried back to his desk at the same time and opened his laptop. His slightly trembling hand tapped on the keyboard to write an email to Leo who is from China.


Dear Leo,

This is John, again.

I want 6000 pieces more, please send me the PI as soon as possible.


market survey

John is a nice British who runs a shop with floor tools. It is about three years ago when John contacted us firstly. He wanted 2000 customized aluminum tile edge trim and asked for the best price.

In the process of discussing product details, we found that the market potential of the products John chose was not good enough. After a scientific market survey, we recommended several more potential tile trim to John and gave him the detailed drawings and production processes.

Later, we all know that John sold 2,000 pieces tile trims in two months and achieved a turnover of 92,000 pounds.

In order to make more profit, choosing the right product is a critical step for retailers. It will lead to unsalable products once the selection is wrong. We could use low-price strategies to clean up inventory, but it will bring huge losses to our business!

What’s worse, our competitors’ products are in hot selling and getting the enviable profits at this time.

Lossing of money

Customers often ask us for advice because they want to learn know what kinds of tile trim will have more potential to come in hot sale.

In fact, the market survey is not difficult at all! With the help of 10 years industry experience and the keen market sense, we have developed a simple and effective survey method.

It is our honor to share you this method for free! What’s more, you are welcomed to ask for market advice directly whenever.

We have helped dozens of customers like John, they are hotel engineerings, retailers and wholesalers.

If you have the following distress:

  • Why the sales of the tile trim is always fall behind my major competitors?

  • What the prefect tile edging solution in my hotel engineering?

  • Why the quality of the tile trim provided by the supplier is unstable? 

  • Why my supplier’s delivery period is not always accurate?

  • How to spend less time and effort on communication with my suppliers?

It is worth to contact us now! I believe that we will be able to find a win-win solution under our joint efforts.


KSLTRIM, established in 2005, is located in Foshan, Guangdong, China.

Foshan is famous as aluminum profile manufacturing city in the world.

Thanks to our 10 years experience, you will can get:

  • Professional tile trim market advice.

  • Committed delivery time.

  • More than 99% yield.

  • A long-term trusted partner.

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